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Beautiful Baby J | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

The busy outdoor season is officially in full swing (yay!) and so blog posts will get a bit shorter, but maybe more frequent as I try really hard to catch up, and you’ll see lots more fun outdoor work which I am excited to show and even more excited to shoot.

This is beautiful baby J, yes she is definitely indoor… with a touch of the outdoors brought to her session.  This prop is real and I love it for that reason.  It makes it that much more unique.  It weighs a ton but again, love it.  It’s currently undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts as it gets dried and treated for future use.  While I looove the rich bark texture, I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look when it gets it’s new look!




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Clean + Simple + Connection | Long Island Maternity Photographer | September Blue Photography

      That’s what this maternity session was all about.   K & K’s connection was so easy to see and this mama to be’s connection to their soon-to-arrive baby girl was clearly there.  Her confidence, happiness, and pregnancy glow were all there.  And I loved capturing it.




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Sisters | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

So it seems that little girls still want little sisters, regardless of how many sisters they already have.  These two were positively delighted to welcome the third baby girl to the family.  Can’t say that I blame them… after all we girls… well, we are pretty awesome.   While I have no biological sisters, I am lucky enough to have several cousins that I consider sisters as well as a few amazing sisters-in-law that I adore and would prefer to just to drop that pesky ”in-law” part.  So I can relate.  The more the merrier.  And there’s room for at least one more over here… just waiting for a certain someone to pop a certain question…  But back to these beautiful sisters….

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Fabulous | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

Loved this little newborn peanut!  She let me try all sorts of great poses on her.  And she was such a beauty (when you see her mama’s pic, you’ll see where she got part of her good looks from!)












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Ella | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

Look at that beautiful, luscious head of hair!  What else is there to say…   Seriously,  I was mesmorized by her hair… I’ve never seen that much hair on a little tiny baby.  So thick and luxurious.  Lucky girl.  Beautiful hair and biteable chubbiness.







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The IT factor | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

When I first walk into a client’s home for a newborn session, there’s just one thing I’m interested in.   The “IT” factor.  Nope, not the furniture, not the decor.   I’m looking for IT –  the light.  That beautifully soft, filtered natural light coming in at just the right angle in the just the right quantity.  Quite honestly, not every house has IT.     You’d be surprised – I’ve been in big beautiful LI homes that didn’t have much of IT and in small NYC apartments that had just the right amount of IT.     Sometimes,  it’s just a grey day and even the biggest window will let you down.    But sometimes,  all the elements come together and everything bounces and diffuses just right.  On this day, the layers upon layers of snow on the ground combined with just the right amount of cloud cover made a South facing window a joy to work with.  On this day, I didn’t curse the snow.

This is baby W, bathed in beautiful natural light, just 6 days old.




And this one – easily one of my favorite recent newborn images.  Not just because it’s a departure from the usual beanbag/blanket stuff and the way the light falls over them.  It’s the way his mommy is holding him…so natural, so relaxed… the look of pure content on this face, the tilt of Mom’s head as she looks down at her new baby… and then you notice her right thumb and that’s where you get a sense of just how tiny he is here.   It more than beautiful light and a beautiful baby – it’s a sweet moment captured.  


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Reese | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

She is loved. 

She is protected. 

She is beautiful. 

This is Reese.





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Beach Boy | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

It was a cool October day when I walked into the warm and toasty apartment where baby T lives.  It was bathed in light from huge floor to ceiling windows and I did cartwheels in my head over the beautiful light.  The apartment warm and toasty because that’s what you need for a good newborn session (warm baby = happy baby) and T’s mom & dad followed my advice.  They were ready to go.  From the first pose to the last, this session was nothing short of awesome.  I loved Mom & Dad’s ideas and better yet – sweet baby T let us try them all!

This was one of the first few frames:

After all those awesome poses, he goes and does this… as if to say, “Oh, you didn’t get one with my eyes open yet, here ya go.” 

And then went right back to sleep to make sure we could get this for his Daddy.  


And of course this… because Daddy is a beach lover and surfer…  Think this boy is going to make his Daddy proud? I’m sure he already has.

Thanks so much to the L family for a great session, and to Cathy for the pullback shots (which I can’t find right now! Grrr!)

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Matthew | New York Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

Matthew was angelic.  He had this serene, peaceful look about him for almost the entire session.  A beautiful, content newborn for sure, with a lush head of hair that made me melt.   Congrats again to the S Family – he is beautiful! 





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Nestled. | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

Inspiration is an awesome thing.  It drives the artistic world and fuels artistic industries.  Without it, I don’t know where our fashion would be, our technology, and our art.  Inspiration can lead you in directions you never even dreamed possible.   

Baby Jack, snuggled up in this nest, is an undoubtedly inspired image.   It’s inspired by years of observing and admiring newborn photography, by experience in photographing newborns, and, of course, by simply being a mother.  It’s also inspired by a signature work of art created by the Baby as Art team.  Brittany Woodall & Carrie Sandoval created an image of a baby hanging from a branch in a sling (also an inspired image).  It’s an image that conjures up stories of storks bringing wished-for babies to doorsteps.    It’s a beautiful tale and one exquisitely told in such an image.  BAA has gone on to inspire many photographers to create similar images, and each applies their own creative flair.  They inspired me to take it one step further…to look at the image a little bit differently and to express myself in my own way.  I thought about how much I love C & B’s  image and why.  And after a few months – a new image came to me.  The inspiration is clearly there - but other than the subject and a tree branch – a distinct call to nature, giving the image an overall organic feel, there are few – if any – other similarities.  It is my take…and it’s a different story.  One that attempts to express the newness and fragility of a newborn by relating that to the life of a new hatchling in the nest.  

Coincidentally, this baby’s grandmother is a birdwatcher…making this image that much more special to this family.  

Before I post the image I must post a disclaimer:  this image absolutely, without a doubt, has some photoshop magic applied to it.  Baby was spotted by a parent tasked with nothing else other than baby’s safety at all times.  This is so critical in newborn photography today.  There are so many newcomers out there today that might unintentionally risk a baby’s safety in an attempt to duplicate an image they’ve seen elsewhere created by a far more experienced photographer, because they don’t know or understand the mechanics involved in creating such an image.  In order to not mislead, I feel it is my reponsibility to let you know that.   

And now, baby Jack (who I adore!) – you’d be hard pressed to find a more wished for baby.  It was my pleasure and honor to photograph him for Tatiana and her husband Jonathan.  










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