About Sandra

September Blue Photography is custom photography by me, Sandra Burns.   I often get asked how I came up with the name September Blue.  It’s not as glamorous or mysterious as you might think.  My initials are SB, my birthday is in September and my favorite color is blue.  It evolved from there!

I studied black and white film photography briefly in college (while majoring in IT).  While my IT degree has definitely been put to good use, my love of photography has only grown since then and while I always said I’d have a darkroom someday,  I didn’t know it would be a digital darkroom.   I am a mother to two sweet boys and I’ve been married to my ever supportive husband for over five years.  Photography is my passion and my boys inspire me everyday.   Writing about myself feels awkward so I’ll keep it short and simple.  I love sushi and chocolate (but not together),  and dancing salsa (though I’m not very good at it).   =)

My Style

My style is clean, fresh,  modern, sprinkled with vibrant color or rich, deep tones.  Props are unencumbering and carefully selected   I let your child’s true colors shine through in my both my processing and shooting style.

I aim for timeless but I have a fun-loving side too and that comes through in my work.  So you will likely see some candids,  some just-for-the-moment-captures along with some fine art images that simply demand wall space.

To sum it up, I give you high quality variety. 

My  approach

For newborns…

I follow their cues…

The flow of the session is determined by baby’s temperament.  I work to get them soothed and settled into each pose and only squeeze that shutter when everything is perfect.

For toddlers and children…

I follow their cues…

Camera shy or a natural, I listen, observe, and connect in order to get images that capture your child’s personality.  We play games, we get silly, we tell mom and dad to take a walk sometimes… and we make sure to laugh along the way.

For  Families….

I follow your cues…

We aren’t celebrities, right?  We aren’t used to cameras being pointed at us for hours.  So sometimes, it takes a little time to loosen up.  Cool with me.  I direct you minimally then let you be yourselves.  

For maternity….

Well… I’ve been told my maternity is a little bit edgy and truthfully I love to experiment with dramatic lighting & posing and breath-taking locations.  I draw inspiration from both boudoir and high fashion photography.   At the end of the day, I meld it all to fit you, and whatever it is that shows off the beauty of YOUR pregnancy.

7 Responses to About Sandra

  1. tokunbo says:

    i love the name sep.blue am a nigeria base photographer and i must say ve fallen in love with you and ur blog i hope to get there as soon as God says so.Nice job

  2. shannon says:


    I love your photos. I was just wondering….for most of them do you use a studio or do them in home, around the home or use backgrounds at the home? Also, Photos such as the newborn hanging in a blanket from the clock was that actually happening or was that digitally altered? Just wondering. I love your photos!



  3. Isabelle Fisher says:

    Hi Sandra, I looked at your website and saw your beautiful photos. I am 3 months pregnant and am interested in having some photos of me while pregnant and of my newborn. How does a photo shoot work and what is the fee?

    Thank you for your reply.


  4. Patricia Hernandez says:

    Hi Sandra,

    It was such a great pleasure meeting and working with you yesterday. You truly made me feel beautiful while taking pictures and I can’t wait to see how they come out. I look forward to working with you again when our little one arrives. Thank you for everything! xoxo

  5. Bernice says:

    I am a manager at a child care centre. I have a Nikon d90 and am looking for
    Advice for close up ( macro) style pictures. We want to put photos of children
    And staff up as they would be if they were at home. Thx

  6. Thank you so much Patricia – it was great working with you too!

  7. Janet Ingoglia says:

    Would love to make an appt.! Please email me!

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