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Brother & Sister | Long Island Baby Photographer | September Blue Photography

So happy to finally share this session with you … meet Mac & Peyton:  brother and sister, about a year or so apart.   I love seeing siblings this close together in age because you just know how close they are going to be growing up together.  Mac was so adorable, grabbing a hold of my hand almost right away, we ran off to play together and had a blast during this session.   Mom joked with me about how he would’ve gone home with me.   I loved capturing both their blooming little personalities.

Warning to future clients:  I am currently obsessed with white – you will probably hear me recommend white something during your pre-session consultation - don’t know how long this will last, but I am just loving it…

I love, love a classic headshot.  Crisp eyes with solid eye contact, a great smile – creamy bokeh in the background…. there is something so timeless about it…

And really,  there aren’t much cuter things in this world than a baby grabbing toes… irresistible cuteness!  But it’s her eyes that really draw me in here…

You can’t help but smile right along with him here…


Again with those eyes!

And finally – some sibling fun!

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Twice as nice | Long Island Maternity Photographer | September Blue Photography

You read that right.  She’s expecting TWINS.  Yes… there are two babies in there.  How, I don’t know… but she tells me they are in there.   Can I tell you how excited I am about these babies?  They’ll be here in just a few short weeks – identical boys – and I get to do their newborn session!


I literally squealed out loud when I read the email telling me she was having twins… you see, she’s been my client for a long time now and has become more than just a client…    You might recognize her seriously adorable daughter (who’s always all over my website – and my samples!) from past work… it’s been so fun watching her grow up and now to see her become a big sister to two little brothers – well, this is one of the perks of being a family portrait photographer that makes it so worthwhile.  I get to be there for this family to document momentous occasions in their lives… toddlerhood, holidays, pregnancy, and soon –  two new additions to their family.

Anyway, back to how fabulous she looks…

Loved this color combo on her…



Just a couple more… I can’t help it!    Two babies people.  Two.    See you in a few weeks D!!!

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A big sister. | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

We had just a few minutes to take this shot… It was getting late and Melina had to go to bed.  She had school the next day.  She had been my little helper throughout the entire session, ever vigilant over her new little sister – holding her, soothing her when I needed her to.  She expressed an eager interest in photography, so I handed her my backup camera and let her take a few shots of me as I continued to photograph her sister.   But now it was her turn…her turn with Camila.   First I got the tentative yet excited smile for my test shot, then she got a little serious when I handed her the baby, sound asleep and completely naked.   And then I got this…   As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…this one clearly and emotively says just two:  big sister.

Big sister, newborn and sibling

I have to admit that I am very biased with these photos as they are of the newborn daughter of my close friend of many, many years.   I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am for her and her beautiful family.   I know how long awaited baby #2 was for them, and I know how deliriously happy they are over her arrival.   But every newborn session is just as special… it may not be my close friend of many years, but I know how special each baby is to its family… yet another reason why I love newborn photography.  Jimmy, Yagaira, & Melina – congratulations again on your new addition!  See you soon!


newborn with flower headband



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