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The beach, a blonde, and some backlight | Long Island Maternity Photographer | September Blue Photography

 A gorgeous blonde mom-to-be and beachy backlighting… a recipe for a stunning maternity session that apparently raised someone’s eyebrows enough to report her image and get me banned from posting images on Facebook for several days.   Doesn’t take one bit away from how stunning this session was.


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Twice as nice | Long Island Maternity Photographer | September Blue Photography

You read that right.  She’s expecting TWINS.  Yes… there are two babies in there.  How, I don’t know… but she tells me they are in there.   Can I tell you how excited I am about these babies?  They’ll be here in just a few short weeks – identical boys – and I get to do their newborn session!


I literally squealed out loud when I read the email telling me she was having twins… you see, she’s been my client for a long time now and has become more than just a client…    You might recognize her seriously adorable daughter (who’s always all over my website – and my samples!) from past work… it’s been so fun watching her grow up and now to see her become a big sister to two little brothers – well, this is one of the perks of being a family portrait photographer that makes it so worthwhile.  I get to be there for this family to document momentous occasions in their lives… toddlerhood, holidays, pregnancy, and soon –  two new additions to their family.

Anyway, back to how fabulous she looks…

Loved this color combo on her…



Just a couple more… I can’t help it!    Two babies people.  Two.    See you in a few weeks D!!!

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