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Newborn Twins! | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

I present you with my first set of newborn twins!  Aren’t they delicious?  What was it like, you ask?  It was dreamy!  During a typical newborn session there is some downtime when we stop for a feeding or cuddle from mommy but not with these twins… my hands were full of squishy newborn goodness the entire time and I loved every second of it!  It was really cool to see how, at just 9 days old, their personlities were already so evident and so different.  Big sister, older by just 1 minute, was the fiesty one… she was spirited and vocal about it!  No matter… a full belly and a toasty warm room and she was putty in my hands.  Baby brother was the most easy going, sleepy, and content newborn I’ve photographed, I think.   He would’ve let me photograph and pose him all day without a peep.   This was one of my best experiences photographing newborns and I’m so glad it was with twins because I’ve got two more sets on the books! 

Long Island Newborn Photographer


Long Island Newborn Photographer

Long Island Newborn Photographer


Long Island Newborn Photography

Long Island Newborn PhotographerLong Island Newborn Photographer

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She should be | Long Island Maternity Photographer | September Blue Photography

A maternity model.  She’s not, but she should be.   Expecting her third baby (yes – third!!)  in a few short weeks,  she is vibrant, fit,  and looks amazing!  You’d never think by looking at these images that she’s a bit shy and doesn’t exactly love being in front of the camera (she actually prefers to be behind it).  But there’s no denying it, she’s one hot mama!  M – I had a blast during our session – congrats on baby #3!





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Now that’s a pout. | Long Island Baby and Child Photographer

Don’t let four year old Sammi fool you with this intense look… she is actually quite the comedienne.  Her sense of humour and repertoire of jokes went well beyond “orange you glad I didn’t say banana”.   She had me laughing through most of this session… all the more reason why I loved capturing these intense, moody images of her.



Her little sister may well be following in her footsteps…she makes you smile without even trying.  Look at her – she’s like sunshine in pigtails!


Oh and those things she’s wearing are called Baby Legs.  Aren’t they adorable?   I often suggest them to clients for babies this age (I usually bring them along if I’m coming to you) but alot of people have never heard of them -  so there you go.  When I ask you if you want Baby Legs you don’t have to think to yourself   “Hmmm…but my baby already has legs…”  ;)   Olivia is the perfect example of why babies this age photograph so well wearing anything from a just diaper to nothing at all.   The purity and sweetness of babyhood, and the sparkle of baby’s personality are what come through.


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Think Big. Dream Big. Print Big! | Long Island Baby and Child Photographer

An 8×10 is a desk print.  It may sound big, but it’s not.   It’s actually a bit smaller than all those pieces of paper that sit on your desk.   So why settle for that on your wall?  When it comes to prints I am all about wall prints and wall print means going big.   This is why I reconfigured all my collections for 2010 last year.  My collections all include a wall print 11×14 or larger.    Custom photography is an investment and I really want my clients to enjoy the benefits of that investment on a daily basis.   When you come to me for a session you leave with more than great captures of your baby, your child, your family – you leave with art for your walls.   It’s the way your photos were meant to be seen – be it bold color or rich and creamy black and white – it should be big!   Standard mount, standouts, thin wraps or gallery wraps – I love them all.  I’m in the process of redoing one of my walls so I will have some photos to show soon (*tapping foot waiting for canvases to arrive*).  In the meantime, a very talented photographer, Amy Ro, has a blog post with fantastic photos where you can see exactly what I mean.     Take  a look and tell me you don’t agree that bigger really is better!

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Favorites of 2009 | Long Island Baby Photographer

So I did it.  I went and got a blog.  I tried to fight it but in the end photo size won.  I wanted to be able to show my photos in a larger size, the way they were meant to be viewed.   A blog lets me do that and lets me show recent work in other ways too.   I can also share updates, specials, and photography tips and information with you.   So here we go… kicking off the new year with my ten favorites from client sessions of 2009.    Some of these you may have seen and some probably not.    It was really hard to narrow it down to just ten but it was fun going back through the year and picking them out.   I took a nice long break in December that included a trip to Florida and I can’t wait to get back to work in the new year. I have some really fun sessions coming up that I can’t wait to share.  Anyway… here they are, in no particular order - my 2009 favorites!

1.  This maternity session was one of my first and really kicked off a new source of inspiration for me.   I feel very much in my element during a maternity session and am easily able to get creative. I love experimenting with lighting,  location, and posing.    I think maternity is quickly becoming my forte.


2.  This little girl was five and a dream model.   I just really enjoyed photographing this age and this little girl’s spirit in particular.  I love a classic headshot with compelling eyes – this is one of them.


3.  This little chunker was already three weeks old when I got to photograph him.   He was long awaited and placed into the loving arms of good friends of ours (my husband and I) when he was a few days old.


4.   This was one of my all time favorite sessions and I think always will be.  Shot in Brooklyn on a gorgeous summer morning,  you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop.   Didn’t hurt that this mom to be was stunning.


5.  Not all sessions go  smoothly 100% of the time… kids are kids and two year olds are in a class all their own.  But to walk away with an image like this from a session that got off to a bumpy start makes it all worthwhile.   It turned out to be one of my favorite all time sessions.  Ranks right up there with the Brooklyn maternity above.


6.  I love newborns.   And for that reason, this won’t be the last one you see on this list.  But this little girl holds a special place in my heart because she belongs to a dear friend, is beautiful, and because she was a dream newborn to photograph.


7.   In September I got the opportunity to work with some professional models.  It was an incredible learning experience for me and I got to learn about and try out lots of new lighting techniques and equipment.   This was shot against the NYC skyline at dusk.   I was experimenting with different off camera and on camera lighting techniques that create amazing looks.  While I love and prefer natural lighting most of the time,  I also love the freedom and creative range that knowing how to use available light gives me.


8.    Capturing relationships is part of what I do… this mom and son really had a sweet connection.  They were more like best friends.  I was lucky to get to capture that.


9.   It’s easy to see why this one is a favorite!  A  propped up newborn with such a serene expression almost demands an “awwwww!”


10.  This shot was captured during a newborn session but it is more about the new relationship between the new Mom & Dad… when I was proofing this session and came upon this capture I said wow… I just love how you can plainly see, without words,  how this couple feels about each other and their new little family.


So that’s it for now.  It’s been an amazing year for me and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2010 will bring!

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