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Anna & the Burrito | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

I photographed two Annas in the one month.  This little beauty is one of them.   I loved hearing this name on a newborn because you don’t hear it too often right now.  I have about 113 aunts named Ana but they all go by their middle names (wonder why?)  so even I don’t hear it that often anymore.  ;)   It was a sweet and emotional session.  I got to meet Anna’s grandparents just before they left for the airport after seeing their brand new granddaughter.  You can imagine it was hard for them to leave her… who wouldn’t have a hard time flying away from this little sweetie….

 Her grandmother makes these adorable bows and hair ribbons.  Sorry – she doesn’t have an Etsy store or I’d point you to it!

I love that we got to take her outside… I think she loved it too.  Her Dad mentioned that she seemed to already love the outdoors.


The burrito wrap.  Some Dads just have that gift.  They are better at swaddling than me even with all my swaddling experience.  My kids never wanted to be swaddled so I didn’t learn it from them.  I learned all my swaddling from newborn sessions and Dads like Anna’s.   And so – one of my favorite shots of the whole session – Anna in her burrito wrap.

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Newborn Sweetness | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

She got her girl.  The sweet little newborn girl you see in these photos has a handsome and protective older brother.   And her Mom, whose maternity session I had the pleasure of photographing, was so thrilled to be giving him a little sister.   She slept and posed like a dream,  and we were done in about 2 hrs.

Look at all that hair…

Soooo,  I had hoped to be ready to announce the details of my new contest by yesterday (my birthday, btw =P ) but everything is not quite ironed out yet so I can’t.   I can, however, tell you that like I said before - Twitter followers and Facebook fans will get a heads up on all the goings on.   On the bright side, I did get to have both sushi and chocolate (but not together) for my birthday.  This one below is an 11×14 for their wall…

There are definitely some interesting things going on with September Blue so stay tuned, I promise I am going to tweet more and FB more…  I have lots of sessions to catch up on and tons of things I want to talk about and show you – on the blog, on FB…  But for now, enjoy the rest of these images of this sweet baby girl.   


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It’s a small web | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

I couldn’t believe my luck.  Julie and I had planned our weddings together, essentially, through a wedding planning forum.  She got married about a month before me.   We ended up meeting for the first time at a mutual friend’s wedding (from the same wedding planning forum)…and now… many years later we see each other again…and I am photographing her 2nd and 3rd child – newborn twins.  A beautiful baby boy and a beautiful baby girl.  All the while, we stayed connected, in varying degrees, through the web.  It’s a small world…er, web.

So anyway, when Julie told me she was pregnant with twins and that I was one of the first to know – I was honored and THRILLED for her.  Plans for her newborn twin session were quickly underway.    Before I knew it, (actually a more than a few days early), they were here – happy and healthy.   Julie, please thank your SIL for me again for being a wonderful assistant and congratulations again on your beautiful babies – enjoy them!  And even though you have a beautiful, sweet, and talented photographer in the family, I hope I get to see your adorable kiddies again soon!








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Photo Contest Winner | Long Island Family Photographer | September Blue Photography

If you were a Facebook fan last year you may remember I hosted a photo contest where fans submitted photos and got their friends and family to vote for them to win a free session with September Blue.    Well, the cutie in the tutu stole the show and won the contest! 

I was thrilled when C & C won this contest … I had photographed a maternity and newborn session for them already so we were very excited to plan this session for Kira’s First Birthday.     We booked Westbury Gardens for the shoot months in advance.   A special location was definitely in order.    We started planning outfits way in advance and boy do I have to hand it to Kira’s mommy … I thought I was detailed with the links and guidelines and suggestions I send my clients when putting together a session wardrobe.  But C – you get 1st prize for sending me Powerpoint slideshows of ideas – I LOVE it.   Not even kidding.


I have to admit that it was really, really cool to see Kira again and to get to photograph her at 1 year old.   And by really, really cool I of course mean a little sentimental.   I mean, I photographed her in her mommy’s belly, and then just a few days old as a newborn and then now, I got to photograph her as 1 year old…  standing, laughing, babbling… and very much her own little person.

Her Mommy is stunning…


And Kira is definitely Daddy’s little princess (check out the toe grab – too cute!)


Just a stunning family… 

Going through this session and choosing which ones to blog made me realize – it’s time for another contest!!! I had so much fun doing this one last year and it was so nice to see it all come to completion with this session.  Sooo, it’s already in the works.  All I will say for now is that no photo will need to be submitted this time around – all I want is to hear from YOU!   You won’t even have to work hard for this one, it’s going to come naturally.   Details coming soon so stay tuned.  I’ll be announcing the details in full on the blog  (maybe on my birthday?  Hint: I am a Virgo.)  so keep an eye out here – twitter followers  and facebook fans  (links up top)  will get a heads up!  Back to baby Kira… 


Like  I said, I was so thrilled they won.  When I did Kira’s newborn session, I quickly found out how much they both love photography.  They showed me all these beautiful images of their lives; memories that were captured by lucky photographers like me, that were treasured by this family – organized into beautiful albums and wall displays.  It’s always a pleasure to meet someone as appreciative of photography as you are but to see it the way they treasured their memories made me so happy to be their photographer.  I am honored that my images of their lives’ milestones get to be part of those albums and wall displays.  And I was more than a little envious of their organization skills in that area, quite honestly.   ;)   

Congrats again guys!!



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Golden Hour | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

With the warm hazy sunshine of the hour just before sunset bathing them in beautiful, soft, golden light – Bella & Jacob stole my heart during this session.  It’s a little bittersweet to post this session just as Labor Day weekend approaches – the unofficial goodbye to Summer – because this session captures all that is the warmth and carefreeness (yeah, it’s a word – I checked) of the season.  

This was one of, if not the first frame of the session.   Ok, off to a good start.  A really good start.


Can I keep her?

Bella and I became good friends if you couldn’t tell… this is sort of an outtake – one of the cutest white balance shots I’ve ever captured… the sunflare is so dreamy and summery here…we got lots of shot like this.

But I also loved the variety we were able to get at this location… here’s little brother Jacob… 

I don’t remember exactly what happened here – we played lots of games during our session as is usually the case when I’m working with kids… we play & laugh a ton.  But I love her expression here…

OK, I could seriously just go on and on with this session so here is a collage…  it tells the story of our session in a little more detail.  Custom photography tends to lend itself to storyboards, collages, and cohesive wall displays.  Often the story of your session – and the moments of childhood captured at that time –  is best told by displaying several images together in either an album or wall display.

Ahhh…to be her in this moment…  taking that deep breath of ocean air,  feeling that cool breeze in my hair,  not a care in the world…  all our Summers should feel like this… hope you enjoyed yours.  If you didn’t do this yet – get out there and do it!

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