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Beachy Maternity | Long Island Maternity Photography | September Blue Photography

Warm, hazy, beachy… happy.  =)


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Golden Hour | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

With the warm hazy sunshine of the hour just before sunset bathing them in beautiful, soft, golden light – Bella & Jacob stole my heart during this session.  It’s a little bittersweet to post this session just as Labor Day weekend approaches – the unofficial goodbye to Summer – because this session captures all that is the warmth and carefreeness (yeah, it’s a word – I checked) of the season.  

This was one of, if not the first frame of the session.   Ok, off to a good start.  A really good start.


Can I keep her?

Bella and I became good friends if you couldn’t tell… this is sort of an outtake – one of the cutest white balance shots I’ve ever captured… the sunflare is so dreamy and summery here…we got lots of shot like this.

But I also loved the variety we were able to get at this location… here’s little brother Jacob… 

I don’t remember exactly what happened here – we played lots of games during our session as is usually the case when I’m working with kids… we play & laugh a ton.  But I love her expression here…

OK, I could seriously just go on and on with this session so here is a collage…  it tells the story of our session in a little more detail.  Custom photography tends to lend itself to storyboards, collages, and cohesive wall displays.  Often the story of your session – and the moments of childhood captured at that time –  is best told by displaying several images together in either an album or wall display.

Ahhh…to be her in this moment…  taking that deep breath of ocean air,  feeling that cool breeze in my hair,  not a care in the world…  all our Summers should feel like this… hope you enjoyed yours.  If you didn’t do this yet – get out there and do it!

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Beachy Keen | Long Island Family Photographer | September Blue Photography

A fun family beach session to share today… getting outdoors  in the summer sun, with a cool ocean breeze and their adorable toddler.   Family beach sessions don’t get old for me… especially with a family this fun.   Check him out in that last shot – he is positively soaked!  They had been playing in the surf, jumping waves, and just plain goofing off.    I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!





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