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Mom & I | Long Island Family Photography | September Blue Photography

Beautiful mommy and daughter session!

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Beautiful Twins | Long Island Infant Photography | September Blue Photography

Check out these twin beauties!

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Antonella y Izabella

Some time ago, this cute little video appeared in my Facebook feed.

Inspiration strikes in unexpected ways… this entire shoot was inspired by this little clip. THIS is what my mind saw when I saw Izabella playing her guitar… It’s amazing and truly feeds the creative soul to be able to bring a vision to life in photographs. Thank you Antonella & Izabella for inspiring me!

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Marina | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

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Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

That’s what little boys are made of…
Liam was just awesome to photograph.  Having two boys of my own, I’ve been told that I have a knack for capturing boys… this is going to be an image heavy post because not only was Liam so photogenic and fun, his session is a good example of how much variety you can get in an outdoor session.




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The Last One | Long Island Baby Photographer | September Blue Photography

The last beach session of 2010… I love beach sessions and especially those in late summer and early fall.  The quality of light is really something else and these images make for amazing holiday cards.  So unexpected, so inviting.   Being only a month or two apart, Charlie reminded me so much of my own little Max with his mischievous little sparkle in his eye and his melt-your-heart smile.  The only difference was, besides the gorgeous blond hair, the fact that I could actually get a shot (hey - many shots actually) of Charlie in crisp focus because he wasn’t constantly running at me demanding to be held (yes, that is why you don’t see many photos of Max on my site).   Charlie’s little sister - 6 month old Ellie - was the cutest,  not minding the sand or the wind, and posing happily for her photoshoot.

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It’s a small web | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

I couldn’t believe my luck.  Julie and I had planned our weddings together, essentially, through a wedding planning forum.  She got married about a month before me.   We ended up meeting for the first time at a mutual friend’s wedding (from the same wedding planning forum)…and now… many years later we see each other again…and I am photographing her 2nd and 3rd child – newborn twins.  A beautiful baby boy and a beautiful baby girl.  All the while, we stayed connected, in varying degrees, through the web.  It’s a small world…er, web.

So anyway, when Julie told me she was pregnant with twins and that I was one of the first to know – I was honored and THRILLED for her.  Plans for her newborn twin session were quickly underway.    Before I knew it, (actually a more than a few days early), they were here – happy and healthy.   Julie, please thank your SIL for me again for being a wonderful assistant and congratulations again on your beautiful babies – enjoy them!  And even though you have a beautiful, sweet, and talented photographer in the family, I hope I get to see your adorable kiddies again soon!








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Golden Hour | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

With the warm hazy sunshine of the hour just before sunset bathing them in beautiful, soft, golden light – Bella & Jacob stole my heart during this session.  It’s a little bittersweet to post this session just as Labor Day weekend approaches – the unofficial goodbye to Summer – because this session captures all that is the warmth and carefreeness (yeah, it’s a word – I checked) of the season.  

This was one of, if not the first frame of the session.   Ok, off to a good start.  A really good start.


Can I keep her?

Bella and I became good friends if you couldn’t tell… this is sort of an outtake – one of the cutest white balance shots I’ve ever captured… the sunflare is so dreamy and summery here…we got lots of shot like this.

But I also loved the variety we were able to get at this location… here’s little brother Jacob… 

I don’t remember exactly what happened here – we played lots of games during our session as is usually the case when I’m working with kids… we play & laugh a ton.  But I love her expression here…

OK, I could seriously just go on and on with this session so here is a collage…  it tells the story of our session in a little more detail.  Custom photography tends to lend itself to storyboards, collages, and cohesive wall displays.  Often the story of your session – and the moments of childhood captured at that time –  is best told by displaying several images together in either an album or wall display.

Ahhh…to be her in this moment…  taking that deep breath of ocean air,  feeling that cool breeze in my hair,  not a care in the world…  all our Summers should feel like this… hope you enjoyed yours.  If you didn’t do this yet – get out there and do it!

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Still So Lovely | Long Island Baby Photographer | September Blue Photography

Last year, about this time (give or take a month), I had the pleasure of photographing my friend’s long awaited newborn baby girl.  To this day, her session is still one of my best lit newborn sessions… I walked in to the house to find a sunroom just bathed in warm, beautiful natural light.  I was in heaven.   Before I knew it, we were planning her 1st birthday session… we were all about the location.   In the meantime, beautiful baby Annabella was developing a little aversion to grass.  Yes, grass.   Did not want to touch it, have her bare feet on it, lay on it with a blanket - nothing to do with it.  So what?  She’s  a baby –  it’s new, it’s green, it’s itchy, there’s dirt under it - quite frankly, I don’t blame her for not loving grass at first sight.   So we found a gorgeous location that gave us lots of beautiful backdrops… sans icky grass.  And she was a happy girl. 

Check out the daintily pointed toes – how adorable is that?

Did I mention her handsome big brother was there too?

Such a ham…

One for the wall…


A personal favorite… she was so exhausted after a long day of modeling…can you blame her for knocking out like this?  =) 

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Rhyan | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

I photographed Rhyan’s big brother Aiden late last year for his 1st  birthday photos and that’s when I found out he was going to be a big brother this June.  Rhyan was a 12 day old beauty…slept like, well, a baby for almost the entire session.   And how could she not… the house had to be around 90 degrees without my heater going…. perfect for a newborn session.  =)    I always try to prepare my newborn session parents well before a session by letting them know the house has to be very, very warm.  I bring heaters with me but the house also needs to be warm.  I tell them that basically when the heat is just right, everyone will be a bit uncomfortably warm. Everyone except the newborn, that is. 

I have to start with this one…  this might be my favorite from the session.  Though I reserve the right to change that.  Dad had just gotten the tattoo…

Rhyan’s Mom and Grandma did a *little* shopping on Etsy ;)


They got so much cute stuff…this was the girliest girlie girl session ever so I had to break it out…yes, the newborn pettiskirt!

Okay maybe this is my favorite…  Congrats again K & S – she is beautiful!


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