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Sisters | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

So it seems that little girls still want little sisters, regardless of how many sisters they already have.  These two were positively delighted to welcome the third baby girl to the family.  Can’t say that I blame them… after all we girls… well, we are pretty awesome.   While I have no biological sisters, I am lucky enough to have several cousins that I consider sisters as well as a few amazing sisters-in-law that I adore and would prefer to just to drop that pesky ”in-law” part.  So I can relate.  The more the merrier.  And there’s room for at least one more over here… just waiting for a certain someone to pop a certain question…  But back to these beautiful sisters….

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Isabella | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

I have to admit – I’ve been very lucky lately with some older newborns.  This little 18 day old girl was awake for awhile but she was so content and alert that she was practically posing for me.   I couldn’t get over it.  She was staring right at me.  Practically smiling… she was smiling with her eyes, I could tell ;)   Eventually she gave in and fell into a blissful sleep for some snuggly poses. 





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The IT factor | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

When I first walk into a client’s home for a newborn session, there’s just one thing I’m interested in.   The “IT” factor.  Nope, not the furniture, not the decor.   I’m looking for IT –  the light.  That beautifully soft, filtered natural light coming in at just the right angle in the just the right quantity.  Quite honestly, not every house has IT.     You’d be surprised – I’ve been in big beautiful LI homes that didn’t have much of IT and in small NYC apartments that had just the right amount of IT.     Sometimes,  it’s just a grey day and even the biggest window will let you down.    But sometimes,  all the elements come together and everything bounces and diffuses just right.  On this day, the layers upon layers of snow on the ground combined with just the right amount of cloud cover made a South facing window a joy to work with.  On this day, I didn’t curse the snow.

This is baby W, bathed in beautiful natural light, just 6 days old.




And this one – easily one of my favorite recent newborn images.  Not just because it’s a departure from the usual beanbag/blanket stuff and the way the light falls over them.  It’s the way his mommy is holding him…so natural, so relaxed… the look of pure content on this face, the tilt of Mom’s head as she looks down at her new baby… and then you notice her right thumb and that’s where you get a sense of just how tiny he is here.   It more than beautiful light and a beautiful baby – it’s a sweet moment captured.  


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Twins | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

They arrived in early July… and here they are just 6 days old.  You might remember their Mama’s maternity session on the beach, it seems like the other day to me and before I knew it,  they were here!   Photographing newborn twins can be twice the work, but they are twice as fun and twice as sweet.   I love how they settle down to sleep so peacefully when their sibling is near.   Most of these were shot on the very same blanket that Mom  had wrapped around her in her maternit session…




And it’s so cool how, even at just 6 days old, they each have their own unique personalities…



One of my favorites from the session… that’s a little smile there…

Congrats again to the B family – you have a beautiful family!

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Rhyan | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

I photographed Rhyan’s big brother Aiden late last year for his 1st  birthday photos and that’s when I found out he was going to be a big brother this June.  Rhyan was a 12 day old beauty…slept like, well, a baby for almost the entire session.   And how could she not… the house had to be around 90 degrees without my heater going…. perfect for a newborn session.  =)    I always try to prepare my newborn session parents well before a session by letting them know the house has to be very, very warm.  I bring heaters with me but the house also needs to be warm.  I tell them that basically when the heat is just right, everyone will be a bit uncomfortably warm. Everyone except the newborn, that is. 

I have to start with this one…  this might be my favorite from the session.  Though I reserve the right to change that.  Dad had just gotten the tattoo…

Rhyan’s Mom and Grandma did a *little* shopping on Etsy ;)


They got so much cute stuff…this was the girliest girlie girl session ever so I had to break it out…yes, the newborn pettiskirt!

Okay maybe this is my favorite…  Congrats again K & S – she is beautiful!


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Noah | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

Love his name.  Loved his chubbiness even more!  And his mom was tiny – you should’ve seen her!  They are such an adorable family and I loved hanging out with them while I captured their gorgeous new little boy.

The umbilical cord stump.  It’s the newborn tag….  Like when you go to the store and buy something new, you bring it home and it has the tags on it.   I see the  umbilical cord stump on an 8 day old baby and I think… wow… brand new… and there’s the proof.    There it is… a life… new, with tags. =)

A  clean, fresh process (my usual) paired with a black backdrop makes for a timeless image:

Look at those cheeks!

I love when newborns just relax into this pose… it’s so natural and candid… reminds me of the way my own babies slept when they were newborns.

So comfy and cozy…

A happy, sleepy newborn is always a goal for me at a newborn session but I love capturing a happy, calm, awake newborn… especially one with eyes like this – priceless!

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Dillon | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

I was so excited to meet baby Dillon.  I did his Mommy’s maternity session in January, when we were lucky enough to get a few flurries for her outdoor shots.   It was just so fitting that he was a Spring baby with those snowy Maternity shots!  Dillion definitely got his parents long, long legs.    He still curled up so adorably for me in my green wrap.  He ate and slept like a champ for his newborn session and with all that eating – we certainly had a few laughs over all the resulting…er…. incidents.  Dad got the brunt of it, but he handled it really well.  I always tell my newborn parents – the accidents are inevitable – I expect it and plan for it.   All we need to do is have some paper towels and wipes nearby, we handle it and move on.  After wiping away the tears of laughter, of course!  As you can imagine, I’ve got some pretty hysterical stories and most new parents can definitely appreciate and relate.   You won’t have to ask, I usually cheerfully volunteer to recount them! 

Anyway – again another shout out to Dillon’s Dad on this shoot – I absolutely loved the suitcases and other props (some of which Dillon was too big for!) that he had ready to go!


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