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Holiday Mini Sessions | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

Now that the holiday cards have all gone out and the custom photography gifts have been opened, I am happy to share my favorites from this year’s Holiday Mini sessions!  Thanks so much to all those who signed up and gave me a chance to (hopefully) make their holiday images a little special this year.   I welcome the challenge that mini sessions with young children bring…  it really gives me a chance to hone my skills on getting those awesome expressions and connections without the stress and tension that typical holiday portaits are known for.    It was a crazy day but such a fun day – and we got some priceless images from it… here are some of  my favorites, in no particular order…












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Timmia & her Spark | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

I met Timmia for the first time last year during the holiday mini sessions… she was a little sparkle.  Cheerful and so easy to work with.   This year her Mommy booked a full Fall session for her family and we were able to capture some really beautiful fall color and I got to see a one year older, one year wiser Timmia.  She was a little bit shy at first this time… and honestly – cold!  It was a bit a chilly that day and she was wearing her pretty holiday dress for starters.  But with a little time and patience, she warmed right up (both physically and emotionally) and I was able to capture that sparkle again.  By the end of the session, I was carrying her out of the park on my hip.  The wild & spirited ones are easy… give me a shy, reserved child that needs some warming up any day.  Getting them to open up to you and reveal that spark is probably THE most rewarding part of this job!








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Beach Boy | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

It was a cool October day when I walked into the warm and toasty apartment where baby T lives.  It was bathed in light from huge floor to ceiling windows and I did cartwheels in my head over the beautiful light.  The apartment warm and toasty because that’s what you need for a good newborn session (warm baby = happy baby) and T’s mom & dad followed my advice.  They were ready to go.  From the first pose to the last, this session was nothing short of awesome.  I loved Mom & Dad’s ideas and better yet – sweet baby T let us try them all!

This was one of the first few frames:

After all those awesome poses, he goes and does this… as if to say, “Oh, you didn’t get one with my eyes open yet, here ya go.” 

And then went right back to sleep to make sure we could get this for his Daddy.  


And of course this… because Daddy is a beach lover and surfer…  Think this boy is going to make his Daddy proud? I’m sure he already has.

Thanks so much to the L family for a great session, and to Cathy for the pullback shots (which I can’t find right now! Grrr!)

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He’s not an agent, he just writes books for the CIA | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

It was October…not Red October, but we were on the Hunt for a great shot.  The Sum of All my Fears was not getting one but with a sweet 4 day old, born into a VERY good looking family there was no Clear and Present Danger of not capturing gorgeous images of this little boy and his family.  Meet Jack Ryan.  Yes, I’m a dork, and yes, I love his name.





Sigh….wish I had an image like this with one or both of my boys…

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Good Charlotte | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

She was good - oh so good - this baby Charlotte and a such a beauty.  She was born into one of the sweetest families I’ve ever met and I loved hanging out with them almost as much as I loved photographing their new addition.

And here it is – the irresistible smirk!

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