Beach Boy | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

It was a cool October day when I walked into the warm and toasty apartment where baby T lives.  It was bathed in light from huge floor to ceiling windows and I did cartwheels in my head over the beautiful light.  The apartment warm and toasty because that’s what you need for a good newborn session (warm baby = happy baby) and T’s mom & dad followed my advice.  They were ready to go.  From the first pose to the last, this session was nothing short of awesome.  I loved Mom & Dad’s ideas and better yet – sweet baby T let us try them all!

This was one of the first few frames:

After all those awesome poses, he goes and does this… as if to say, “Oh, you didn’t get one with my eyes open yet, here ya go.” 

And then went right back to sleep to make sure we could get this for his Daddy.  


And of course this… because Daddy is a beach lover and surfer…  Think this boy is going to make his Daddy proud? I’m sure he already has.

Thanks so much to the L family for a great session, and to Cathy for the pullback shots (which I can’t find right now! Grrr!)

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6 Responses to Beach Boy | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

  1. Katherine says:

    These are stunning! That family picture is such a tender moment, and I love all the variety. What a precious little baby!

  2. Georgia says:

    Such a beautiful baby! As a big fan of the beach, I LOVE the last shot!

  3. susie L says:

    Beautiful work – love the skin tones on this guy! My favorite is the one with Dad’s arms!

  4. OOOh you bundled him up to took him to the beach!! Adorable. You got a great variety! Beautiful images.

  5. Stunning. Just beautiful photos. I bet mom and dad adore them.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful beautiful work! And a beautiful beautiful baby!

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