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Elizabeth | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

She kept me on the edge of my seat.  As far as newborns go, I like to think I get a feel for when they will arrive.  I’ve done dozens and dozens of newborn sessions and I think I’ve only had one arrive on exactly on his due date.  Elizabeth’s older brother was born several weeks early and so Mom and Dad were fully expecting for his baby sister to make an early arrival as well.  It was all a matter of keeping her in there cooking as long as long as possible.   Almost every other day I would ask for an update – the suspense was killing me with this little girl!  She did come early but safely so and she and Mom, Dad, and big brother were all doing great.   Elizabeth gave us an awesome newborn session – but lets start with her big brother and his gorgeous eyes that made me gasp when I pulled them up on my monitor to begin proofing their sneak peeks…


And his little sister – irresistible in mouse ears!

Long Island Newborn Photographer, Baby in cute hat

Long Island Newborn Photographer, Baby propped up on elbows

Got my first chance to use my twiggy nest basket – I searched high and low, left and right for this basket and finally scored!  I’m in LOVE with it and how it photographs…

Long Island Newborn Photographer, Baby in twiggy nest basket

Just one more of this cutie…

Long Island Newborn Photographer, Newborn in Flower Headband

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Bella Familia | Long Island Family Photographer | September Blue Photography

Bella means beautiful.  In Spanish, in Italian, and in these photos…  beautiful family, beautiful little girl!  K booked me for this session last year and it seemed SO far away (to both of us) but it got here before we knew it and now she’s got these family portraits, full of  genuine emotion, real smiles, and memories of a fun day, that she can look back on for years to come.   We know that one of the moments captured from this is session is getting blown up and going on their wall.  And this…THIS is why you hire me.  You see,  like most Moms, K is the one doing most of the picture taking, most of the time.  Which makes for great shots of her little girl, and her little girl with her Daddy -  but hardly any of her with her daughter and even less of the three of them.    Now she’s going to have a hard time choosing what goes on her wall and how big. =)    To the P family – I looooved our session – enjoy your few extra sneak peeks, your gallery will be ready soon!





Long Island Family Photographer, Long Island On Location Photographer



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Amanda | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

Amanda was welcomed by her three older brothers (that’s right – three!) 3 weeks earlier than her due date… although this was no surprise to Mom who fully prepared me for her sure to be early arrival.   Twelve days old and right around 6lbs for our session, she slept like a 6 day old and was an absolute dream to photograph.  Congrats to the B family on your beautiful little girl!!






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