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Sienna | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

Little Si Si rocked this shoot! (Like Usual)

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EmmaLeigh | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

What a contagious smile!

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Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

That’s what little boys are made of…
Liam was just awesome to photograph.  Having two boys of my own, I’ve been told that I have a knack for capturing boys… this is going to be an image heavy post because not only was Liam so photogenic and fun, his session is a good example of how much variety you can get in an outdoor session.




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A broken wrist, a quiet moment | Long Island Children’s Photographer | September Blue Photography

A broken wrist.

It meant I almost didn’t get to meet and photograph these two little superstars.  E broke her wrist on the day of our scheduled shoot and would be in a cast for several weeks.  I called E’s mom in between shoots that day to see how she was doing and sure enough, as kids tend to be, she was resilient and bouncing back already.  So I got to see her and her baby sister a few weeks later for our mini session after all.  And I am so glad I didn’t miss out on these two beauties. 

By now you can tell that these girls have uh… been in front of a camera once or twice before.  Their mama loves photos so they are naturals… they pose, they smile and bat their eyelashes on cue… a photographer’s dream.  And then it’s time to capture the real deal.  Oh, don’t think I don’t know it when I see it.  I have kids too and I can spot the cheese smiles a mile away.   But I snap away anyway… and I wait.  I wait until I can find and draw out (if necessary) the genuine look.   Sometimes I get real quiet during a session and I don’t say much at all.  I imagine some parents might be thinking “uh-oh, something’s wrong!  Is it not going well?”

That’s not it at all.  Silence can work wonders sometimes.  Sometimes you (well, I) just need to shut up and listen.   We were wrapping it all up and I knew I didn’t have her yet.  Not the her I knew I could capture anyway.   Mom was busy packing up little sister and we spoke very softly, almost whispering.   Then we had a quiet moment.  And then…I snapped the last frame of our session.

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Holiday Mini Sessions | Long Island Child Photographer | September Blue Photography

Now that the holiday cards have all gone out and the custom photography gifts have been opened, I am happy to share my favorites from this year’s Holiday Mini sessions!  Thanks so much to all those who signed up and gave me a chance to (hopefully) make their holiday images a little special this year.   I welcome the challenge that mini sessions with young children bring…  it really gives me a chance to hone my skills on getting those awesome expressions and connections without the stress and tension that typical holiday portaits are known for.    It was a crazy day but such a fun day – and we got some priceless images from it… here are some of  my favorites, in no particular order…












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