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Leia’s Cake Smash | Long Island Baby Photographer | September Blue Photography

Ok so there was this cake…

And honestly, I took one look at it and gagged.  I think Mommy made it.   I didn’t know what was up but I started looking for an exit – asap.

Of course they didn’t let me off the hook that easily and I have to admit, I was a *little* intrigued by the pink thing.

So, I touched it.

Um, hello – Mommy?  There’s ickiness on my fingers.  You might want to come over here and handle this.

Ok…I see how it is.  Well, maybe I can just wipe it off right…there. Ugh.

Do you see this?  It’s on my leg. This is somehow acceptable to you?



Maybe I can just…uh…kick it away…

Ok now it’s ALL OVER ME.  Omg! Get me outta here! Waaaahhh!

Wait a minute…I got some in my mouth…hmm, this stuff tastes kinda good! You might be onto something with eating this, Mommy…but… I have to say…

…ew..ew…no, no.

Ok, I can’t believe that you are just going sit there clicking that clicky thing while all this is going on here.  Not cool.  I am done.

Where’s that exit again?







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Mommy & Me Sessions | Long Island Photographer | September Blue Photography

I take lots and lots of pictures…obviously.   Of my kids, of your kids.  And while I am saving my pennies to afford a family session with one of my favorite photogs, I asked myself -why don’t I have more pictures of ME with my kids.  Well, I’m a photographer so of course I’m always behind the camera.  But then, really most moms are too.   But that’s not the only excuse I have.

“I still have baby weight to lose.”

“Bad hair day.”

“No makeup on.”

And the most often used:

“No way, I look like crap right now.”

I have to change that.  I have to.  For them, not for me.  You should change that too.  I’m taking away the “I look like crap” excuse right now.  Makeover.  Then photoshoot.  With your kids.  Do it for you.  Do it for them.

Watch one:

September Blue Mommy & Me Session



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Protected: 2013 Portrait Pricing

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Protected: 2013 New Life Pricing

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Beauty & the Beach | Long Island Maternity Photographer | September Blue Photography

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Isabella | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

A dream newborn session…

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Protected: 2013 Newborn Pricing & Packages

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Urban Fun | Long Island Family Photographer | September Blue Photography

I love shooting urban locations – the vibrant pops of color, the rich textures, the interesting compositions.  Another image heavy post because these kids were just so fun… you may recognize them… it’s Ava, Jack, & Lori Marie of AvaJackPhotography! =) !




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I’m back! | Long Island Newborn Photographer | September Blue Photography

Oh it’s been awhile and so much has happened!  An intensely busy Summer 2011 season, an even busier Fall 2011 season, some ups and downs, a pregnancy, and then… the birth of my third, a little girl!    And here we are and it’s almost the Summer season again!   In that time I had the privilege of photographing so many gorgeous families, so many unique and precious newborns, and lots of gorgeous moms-to-be.  If you were following me on Facebook, you caught glimpses of my work as the months went on, but I have so, so many amazing sessions that I want to share.  So many images that deserve to be seen bigger, and so many beautiful clients that deserve a little spotlight!

So, now that I am back from maternity leave, I plan to really catch up around here.  I will be showing my work from the Summer 2011 and Fall 2011 season here on the blog, updating my website and blog with fresh work, and my Facebook page will still show my most recent sneak peeks as they happen.  So stop by the blog every once in awhile to check out what new “old” stuff is up!

In the meantime – I will share just one of my sweet little Leia Madison…definitely one of my most challenging newborn sessions because it’s so difficult to photograph your own newborn.  Not just because of the c-section but so many other issues when it’s your own!  Anyway, I did manage to get a “few” ;)   I’ll share her full session later.  For now here is one of my favorites: simple & pure, no fancy headbands or hats, no flashy props…just sweet, sweet, baby.



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