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Here’s the thing, I know that not everyone can see the difference – but for those that can, or for those that may want to try – there is often a big difference in the way an image appears on Facebook in terms of sharpness and color.  We photographers work very hard to perfect our color to our tastes and style – we calibrate our monitors & cameras, calibrate with our labs, edit under specific lighting conditions, use special software and hardware and test in various browsers (Firefox offers color management options, btw).   Sometimes that’s all thrown by the wayside on FB.  We have zero control over how, why and when FB modifies their compression algorithims and whatever else they throw into their image squashing soup that tends to make our images look NOT like we intended.

I love editing fall color.  Here’s the way these two images should have looked (color & sharpness may vary based on your monitor, calibration, lack thereof, zoom level, and/or lighting conditions & mood and whether or not you have crying babies in the background when viewing ;) )


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