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I once attended a seminar taught by a Master Photographer (not an opinion, a certfication attained through the PPA), and she said “Remember, we don’t ‘shoot’ people, we do a ‘Portrait Study’”  LOL  Well, that’s a bit formal for my taste but when I was getting ready to blog this session I started to count up  the photographers I’ve “shot” and I realized it started sounding like a I went on killing spree so maybe I’ll start saying I “photograph” people from now on.  ;)

Being asked to photograph another photographer is quite the compliment and I’ve had the pleasure of shooting  photographing the gorgeous Michelle McFadden, Lori Marie of AvaJack Photography and her adorable kiddos, and Summer’s adorable Emerson even takes centerstage in a photo on my website.   All talented ladies that I have had the pleasure of getting to know a little better through our sessions together.

When Tatiana of Tiny Clicks  contacted me last year, we instantly hit it off.   We talk shop of course, we get excited and gab about awesome locations, websites, props, and on and on.  She has worked as my assistant in the past and I hope I get to have her work with me again because I adore her.  You will never meet a more genuine, sincere person.   But she’s going to have her hands full for a little while now…  When Tatiana emailed me telling me she was pregnant and that I was the only one she wanted to do her maternity and newborn shoot – I was ecstatic for her!  And we were both beyond excited about our session.  I mean two photographers this passionate about photography – you have to know it was nutty putting this together.  

So, after much excited discussion and after I went on 1 or 2 (ok, three) scouting trips  we finally settled on this jaw dropping scene in the middle of the woods… and it was MAGICAL…


Isn’t she gorgeous?  And just positively glowing…. 

So my  husband says that I am much more of an “indoor girl” … and while this might be somewhat true, I did not hesitate one bit in scouting out this location.   Even though it required an approximate 10 min hike through the woods (that I had to make sure was ok for a pregnant woman before I would allow it!)…even though I got lost off the trail… and even though I fell and twisted my ankle (go ahead and laugh, I did) – it was all worth it.  And make no mistake – I would do it for any client, not just a photographer friend.  I love scouting out new locations.   In the end it’s all worth it…

And it was so awesome that she had a more than willing and cooperative husband who was just as into the session as we were (thank you for all the assisting J!) 

Aren’t they an adorable couple?  I can’t wait to see what a cute baby they are cooking up!

Congrats again Tatiana & J! I’ll see you soon for your newborn session!    {Gina – call me!! Yes, I’m talking to YOU! =)}

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18 Responses to I shoot them with my Nikon | Long Island Maternity Photographer | September Blue Photography

  1. kristin says:

    oh my. this location is the bomb! hope your ankle is feeling better but i think your hike was worth it. terrific SHOOT! terrific capture!

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow…these are absolutely GORGEOUS!! What an amazing location!!!

  3. courtney says:

    oh my gosh! this location is to die for!!! perfect for maternity! what a gorgeous couple and yummy light! hope your ankle feels better soon!!

  4. Tatiana says:

    Sandra, you know I already said this a thousand of times but you ROCK….J and I LOOOOVE every single picture, they’re timeless and so beautiful! We had such a blast with you at this amazing location, thank you for scouting it out, totally worth it! Hope your ankles are all better by now;) We cannot wait for the newborn shoot! xoxo

  5. ally says:

    they are so lovely! what a glorious location and beautiful mother to be!

  6. Julie says:

    Okay, that is one of the coolest locations I have seen in awhile – there is just so much you could do there (I would be in heaven!). and it was perfect for this maternity session – lovely work!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Dreamy! Just dreamy! I love the variety, the use of light, the peaceful feel!

  8. CarrieS says:

    ok… stunning and these should be in a magazine. I’d have to have them all if it were me!

  9. Stacie says:

    Just lovely. The location is amazing, the mama-to-be beautiful and your light lovely. (Though, I’m way to informal, personally, to do a “portrait study”. I shoot people.)

  10. the location is fabulous and the mommy to be is gorgeous! beautiful work as always!

  11. Rosemarie says:

    The location was awesome, and the young Mother-to-be is stunning!!! I love, love, love every picture.


  12. Wow, awesome location! Imagine having your mat photos created there…wow. She’s lovely and your images are beautiful. Esp love the lying down ones.

  13. April says:

    WOW! These are amazing! I love the location and the mother is gorgeous!

  14. These are gorgeous! So dreamy, the first one especially. Looks like a fantasy movie or something. That location is amazing.

  15. Rhonda Stark says:

    wow .. gorgeous location and momma! love the one of dad-to-be kissing her belly .. too cute! great job on the session!

  16. Desiree says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous and stunning location!

  17. Marla says:

    These are just beautiful!! I bet she is thrilled with them. The location is AMAZING … color me green. :)

  18. gina says:

    THESE are FABULOUS! AWESOME location!!!

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