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When A. came to me for her maternity session, it was a bit last minute but happily I was able to squeeze her in – maternity sessions are usually much easier for me to squeeze in last minute than any other type of session (a hint about news to come).  She also came to me with samples of my maternity work she had picked up online and explained that she wanted pictures like those in part because she “wished she looked like that”.  When she walked in – I thought 1. omg – she looks JUST as amazing as Michelle and Conchita (some of the sessions she had shown me samples from) and 2. I am seriously the luckiest maternity photographer ever.

She’s a pretty, tiny little thing with a basketball belly that was so “all baby” that I could easily see her little boy doing somersaults in there during the shoot! 

I probably say it everytime I blog a maternity but I really love shooting maternity sessions.    So much so that I’ve decided to open up more room in my scheduling to fit more of them in as mini sessions.   That’s right – September Blue is now offering maternity minis!  This is not a one day only thing.   Newborn clients and Baby Plan clients have always had the option of a maternity mini but now I am opening them up to everyone and anyone with special scheduling and special pricing.    Maternity minis will be available for scheduling starting in January and will start booking immediately.  Details on pricing and packages will be posted on the blog and Facebook within a week or so but feel free to reach out to me if you are interested.

A.’s session was inspiring in many ways - not just artistically, but this session finally lit the fire under my butt to get the minis going – something that I had in the works for awhile.     She also inspired some new experimenting with lighting and posing, and even processing.   I love to keep it clean, fresh, vibrant and timeless for children but for maternities I am definitely more adventurous and edgy.   And I am a firm believer that a single processing style will never be the best fit for every image it meets.   For some it works, for some it won’t.  The trick is to know when and how to use it.   I am not a fan of applying a third party action globally to all images – I rarely, if ever, use any but the ones I’ve written myself and even then, each one is tweaked for the individual image.  




See, I told you – stunning!!! =)Congrats again A.  and thank you so much for all the inspiration – good luck next week!!

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4 Responses to Stunning Maternity | Long Island Pregnancy Photographer | September Blue Photography

  1. Sissy says:

    Love every shot.

  2. Conchita says:

    Amazing photos! She looks great and your photos are unbelievable…makes me want to be pregnant again. And thanks for the compliment (made me blush a little) :)

  3. Kim Shapiro says:

    Yay for sexy belly shots! These are great Sandra…

  4. Corey says:

    These are so beautiful! Love her little baby bump!

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