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It’s true… I won’t deny it.  MOST newborn sessions take place within the first 14 days of life and they are better for it.  It has pretty much become the industry standard for a newborn session and rarely will you see a newborn session that looks like this when the baby is older.  Why?  Because when newborns enter their 3rd week of life, baby acne can start to show up… they tend to sleep less and are more alert and awake.  Plus, they start to lose that newborn curl and some other classic newborn traits.   So I strongly urge all my newborn parents to let me know as SOON as baby is on the way or has been born.  Most put me on their call list of friends and family to let me know that baby has arrived.  And I can’t tell you how much I have LOVED getting those emails or texts that say “we are on our way to the hospital to have the baby!”   I feel like I’m part of it and how exciting is it to be waiting for a new baby to arrive?!  Few things in life beat that…

Hmmm … where was I?   Oh yes… newborn photography past 14 days of life usually doesn’t normally look like this.  But… then every once in awhile there is a dream baby like baby G… and she will do everything that a 6 day old will do and more.  (Actually, I’ve been super lucky lately and have gotten several fantastic “older” newborns…maybe it comes with the experience ;) ) When Baby G’s mommy contacted me last minute I just happened to have an opening – I couldn’t say no…

We were SO excited when she gave us all these amazing poses.  She was just a happy baby and it showed. Her mommy and daddy were just over the moon in love with her and that showed.  It was one of the sweetest newborn sessions ever.  And the really great thing about ”older” newborns is how nicely filled out they are…they are eating well and have started to fill out so they are plump and biteable.  [It's a word, I just made it up]   Here she is… gorgeous baby G!

Long Island newborn photographer, september blue


And the shot that had me LMAO when editing this session…  LOVE this!!

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  1. Rosemarie says:

    Oh my gosh, this little doll is a beauty – and definately biteable!!! I also laughed at the picture where is is seemingly sticking her tongue out – already learning at 6 days old! GREAT job Sandra!!!!f xoxo

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